NIKE AIR JORDAN XX3 BASKETBALL SHOES is the first under the Nike Considered design concept to create basketball shoes.

AIR JORDAN XX3 is designed to minimize waste and use of a solvent-based adhesive.

TPU insoles promote the quality of the rear of the auto-painting process is completed by an efficient robot arm to ensure that the coating and component quality, fastness and durability.

Outsole with rubber to reduce the environmental toxicity, and using Nike Grind material, this material is from the soles are made from waste generated during the.

The construction of shoes highlights environmentally friendly materials.

By the new patent-pending 3-D stitch sewing machine sewing uppers.

Dual-density insole.

Dual-density inner heel area using slow recovery foam, shaped to adapt to meet, more fit.

Forming a molded Phylon midsole.

Full length smooth inner shoe can increase comfort, while making the shoe-shaped even more smoothly.

Collar / tongue lining using Nu-foam material to increase the low profile shoes for comfort.

New pattern mold lined with wadding provide excellent arch support.

Strengthen the back panel of the shoes pose and maintain an accurate shape of shoe last, the best fit results.

Breathable tongue allows air to escape, keeping the foot more dry.

Structure formed during the upper pressure after two tires on the bed in the shoe last, shoe last shape of the upper shape exactly.

Full length Zoom Airsole unit provides superior cushioning.

Carbon fiber shank plate to increase the important parts of the structure and support.

High performance TPU chassis to increase stability and support.

Light weight - 15 ounces.

The minimum thickness of the end of one of basketball shoes (heel 19mm, forefoot 9mm), as close as possible to the player's foot and the ground court feel.

Shank plate directly into the TPU chassis mold pad, TPU molded directly on top of the supporting plate. This is the most efficient manufacturing process, because it can increase durability, reduce waste, reduce the use of solvent-based adhesive. This is a functional footwear innovation.

Advanced cushioning system contains a low profile IPS system in the heel area with a large cushion, and with improved low profile forefoot combined with IPS. Michael Jordan on the large end of the fingerprint friction imprint.

Show the precise suture suture followed by external deerskin.

The toe area has Michael Jordan's signature.

High-performance TPU support.

Tongue lining behind Michael Jordan's thumbprint

Michael Jordan hand-made stitching highlights the fine details of design and functionality.

From 1985 to 2008 AJ23 AJ1-generation, 23 years of glory, 23 years of memories. This unique print trapeze image has been deeply in our minds, can never be replaced, can not erase.