Nike AIR JORDAN XI 11 RETRO COOL GRAY Basketball shoes

  Air jordan 11 is back jordan 95 full years to wear boots during the 1996 season, the first time in a bold innovation in the use of patent leather shoes for materials, more known as the "secret weapon" of carbon fiber elastic supporting plate, and to prevent stretching or deformation of the polymer-coated uppers, with Michael Jordan won 72 victories in a season and a fourth NBA title, Michael Jordan became a single season, while regular season, all-Star Game and finals valuable player title of the second player. Many brilliant elements of the AIR JORDAN AJ11 rapidly becoming the most popular of a series of shoes. AJ11's body is inherent dignity flowing blood, it is a downright noble, Air jordan 11 letter to the king who exudes atmosphere, as water passes the time, decades in the past, air jordan 11, but still standing in the pinnacle of basketball shoes, never shake . See more Air Jordan shoes on FinishLine.com