NIKE AIR JORDAN XIV 14 ,this pair of shoes is beyond the meaning of a pair of shoes, as it witnessed the final vote JORDAN, JORDAN career as a gorgeous movement, certainly in the final climax in the end, maybe someone will say JORDAN's career in the year just ended, but I think the real JORDAN is red, not blue, the real JORDAN 99 years has disappeared, so the pair of black and red AJ14-generation has become a timeless classic .
Here is nike air jordan 14 personal evaluation
Ankle Support:9

The shoe upper is not very thick, but did not affect his good ankle support, upper external low, inside high, this is not high design (this design have embodiment from AJ13) full consideration JORDAN Sharp features are often emergency stop, just outside of the upper against the lower ankle, and internal help you wrap an ankle, the high and one low gain support making ankle guard shoes, while not lost due flexibility, but also very effective to reduce the weight of the shoe heel is a rubber support block, on the whole this a very good performance

Traction :9

This shoe's outsole is a traditional wear rubber, full-length traditional herringbone pattern (such classic lines from the beginning of last century until now is still widely used in basketball shoes, badminton shoes, tennis shoes, row of shoes, tennis shoes, the fact that it's grip in the room is very good), very fine, stop in place very rapidly and there is no clear-cut, including the market's performance is particularly remarkable, and often issued sharp rubber friction floor sound, even outside the field of asphalt on the ground often can hear the sound, showing the strong coefficient of friction.

Weight: 9

NIKE shoes start from AJ4 began lightweight process, a major factor in shoe guard is light, AJ11, AJ13 very light, and this double-AJ14 also inherited the fine tradition of their predecessors. Reduce the filling of the upper forefoot thinning design, only two leather tongue overlay, no shoes, thick tongue before the AJ, we can see the designer of this shoe lightweight moving enough brains.


This pair of shoes equipped with separate front and rear cushion ZOOM, ZOOM forefoot and it is different, not the kind of small square cushion, shaped like a swastika but rather a starting pad, this design is very user-friendly, It is fully taken into account, shoes forefoot often horizontal vertical bending, like NIKE running shoes before the hands are often used, tubular air cushion to keep the shoe forefoot flexibility to extend the life of a cushion, which is in charge of a large TPU material (different colors have different looks, black and red is red, white and red is black) to support the stability is quite good, ZOOM shoes cushion this feeling is very obvious, especially when maneuvering in the field you can clearly feel ZOOM forces to bring you forward, and open the insole, the heel forefoot shock absorption have a green substance, similar to the AND1 damping rubber things, it provides in addition to ZOOM outside, another shock protection , shoes lining suede fabric that is common in that era, not the boots, no SPHERE or Lycra lining, so be it, but this shoe's breathability is good, because it's along the suture body of the shoe The distribution of the holes neatly, not only beautiful, more breathable role in the shoes of the inside of the inlet and a sports car designed to mimic the breathable mesh, even if summer is not hot to wear.

Responsiveness: 9

This shoe is separated before and after the palm-type ZOOM, no air flow, positive response than a full charge of air to be more rapid and careful study of previous generations AJ shoes, we find that AJ11 is a full-length AIR-SOLE, because then ZOOM not yet developed, AJ12 ZOOM cushion the whole palm, and palm AJ13 has become the front and rear air, ZOOM the advent of air to make up for aIR-MAX is the slow response of defects, and changes in air from the AJ, we can clearly feel ZOOM cushion to a self-improvement process, these shoes the forefoot is very thin, making the force feedback more quickly, making this shoe has a sports car-like sensitivity reaction, instant start will not let you down.


This weakness is not wear shoes, the first time I used it to play outfield, there have been a plastic phenomenon is Zaiqian palm in the bottom edge where two Luchu appeared on a plastic, it does not fit might appear in the evil little outfield, outside the thin end, it is within the field maneuvers of the place, another old shoes will be very annoying folds affect the appearance, these shoes are like hothouse flowers can not withstand the wind and rain.


These shoes are the most classic shape is worth mentioning that this shoe is designed to draw the JORDAN car, Ferrari 550 appearance, its outer end side of the pattern, draw a tire lines, as well as its shoes side shields lOGO, people see to think of that classic horses Ferrari logo, and the streamlined body of the shoe, and in charge of the inside of the inlet design, and its vivid heel of the two taillights , I feel that this is not just a pair of shoes, more like a beautiful work of art.

Sometimes wondered why so many people like Air Jordan series of things, it's not the highest tech, look not every generation are beautiful, but this did not affect so many people crazy obsessed with it, I think we are looking for a feeling, the feeling is that monarchs of the world, I dare say if the shoes do not have that vivid AJ trapeze LOGE, then it is only a shoe for civilians. But once you have that LOGE, it has the highest pedigree of basketball shoes, the shoes of the king, put it as if he really became JORDAN.

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