Nike Air Jordan XIV 14 Personal Evaluation

This Nike Air Jordan 14 basketball shoes inspired by Ferrari, this pair of boots is definitely a classic basketball shoes, to take a look at my evaluation of it.

Nike Air Jordan 14 design was inspired by Jordan's car Ferrari 550 Maranello, upper height decreased, the entire pair of shoes is more streamlined, the details of the design as the top general rigorous and meticulous Ferrari, Ferrari horse logo was designed to shield-shaped Jumpman Logo as "leopard eyes", as a good detail in this shoes.

So naturally demanding a pair of shoes will not look cheap with the plastic type of shoes to take the lead, so the metal shoes to take the lead for the first time in basketball shoes, everything from a different point of view the interpretation of the Air Jordan 14 extraordinary value. The realization of its inherent superior performance, a large area of ​​the outsole makes the shoes of the word lines, including the market performance of the grip is very good, Air Jordan 14 in the end carbon fiber and TPU support is divided into two materials, no matter what kind of material provides excellent resistance to torsion and stability, shoes with a Plylon side support materials designed to increase the lateral movement of the stability and support without sacrificing the weight of shoes.

Nike Air Jordan 14 points before and after the palm Zoom Air unit and differentiated, the Zoom Air forefoot area, ranging from four-chamber combination, which is now very rare, Air Jordan 14's cushioning properties can be said to Air Jordan series shoes in the best.
Nike Air Jordan 14, whether design or performance, are beyond all the basketball shoes of that era, it is sufficient worthy of "The Last Shot" picture, to date Air Jordan 14 fully capable of any of a fierce competition.