Ari Jordan XII Basketball Shoes Personal Evaluation

Comfortable cushion of the forefoot, strong in the bottom carbon plate, incredible grip, let me start, breakthrough, jump, shoot, stop, Sharp, all effortlessly feet if returned to the college.

Prefer breakthrough basketball the most enjoyable for me is the extraordinary moment, of course, now older, a, as before, can rely on speed, people had lost to the change, the feints, Akira defenderthe main center of gravity, coupled with my ball-handling skills are pretty good breakthrough now basically easier.

Wear resistanceThis regard jordan 12, as always, good plastic to play two weeks, basically nothing to wear, the relative wear resistance of the tragedy of the new jordan series, really putting the red sun is so bright.ProtectiveThe ankle looked much devastation, I can not do without me McDavid's ankle the way for McDavid be advertising - this stuff is really good, comfortable, very good protective paste foot.