Nike Air Jordan 2011 Evaluation

The leading Role:Nike Air jordan 2011

Main Science and Technology:
Department of Air Jordan basketball shoe cushioning technology, the optional two kinds-NIKE ZOOM and NIKE AIR ---- meet the actual needs of competition, NIKE ZOOM technology for tailored agile speed-type player, with soft, cushioning fast can increase the long run. This is easy to demonstrate double-selectivity of these shoes ----- This is my theme of this evaluation.

I always feel that Air Jordan 2011 gave me the feeling of a more simple, it does not Air Jordan 2010's eye-catching windows. Appearance at first glance looks more like team shoes.

Cortex thin, brings the light reflected.

The shoe laces have Jordan's Logo

Rihgt side is LOGO,left is 23.

Lace buckle inside the design is really ingenious.

Toe vent.

Performance articles:
Two pairs can be replaced in the end, to meet the different needs of different players in the field, contribute to meet the needs of the game, you can choose two kinds of moderate earthquake rapid response to different needs.

Comfort and protection:
Two replacement insoles in the end, personal preference for the red sole insoles, foot feeling fast response.

Another is pair of blue zoom air, because my weight and play style, I chose the Sole insoles.

Protection within a very tight boots, coarse material, the proposed tube socks to prevent foot injuries.

Grip floor areas:
Air Jordan typical fingerprint soles, lateral movement class, personal feel to step back a little less when caught, the rest of the time sense of first-class grip.

Ventilation areas:
Ventilation should be considered general, design a ventilation holes in boots wiped out some 50% of their benefits, can still breathe in, and no apparent feel stuffy feet.