NIKE AIR JORDAN VII RETRO ------The historical record

Jordan 7 generations as a pair of shoes, records should not have many things from this pair of shoes. In 1992, Michael Jordan wore these shoes to complete a second championship course; Second, and more importantly, in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the United States first sent a team of professional players to act as the national team lineup. The latter appears from the results caused a sensation may be more meaningful than the former. U.S. The historical record basketball Team in the Barcelona-like treatment by the worship, and the U.S. men's basketball team just smile, to win opponents averaged 44 points more than the excellent record of the gold medal.

This pair of shoes is a pair satisfying, feel more comfortable to wear shoes. From the appearance of design, 7 a large extent inherited 6-generation design, all the shoes in the Jordan family, the most similar than the 3 and 4, 6 and 7.7-generation as opposed to six generations in the upper design changes are basically belong to the details of type, the more important to reduce the number of stomata on the upper and tongue with the sole piece of art on the geometric design, making these shoes are more elegant and beautiful in appearance . 6-generation test in the boots of an early design of the shoes in 7 completely reflected out, that is affixed to the foot of the boots (inner bootie) and external inclusions, inside and outside the shoes into two parts, with the boots tight wrapped up tight to the foot, minimizing space for feet and shoes, feet and shoes conducive to integration, which is the nike Huarache technology was first used on the Jordan shoes, immediate benefit is in the process of playing, tight shoes tightly wrap the foot comfort throughout existence.

The 7th generation of relatively large changes in the bottom part is also the 7th generation is technically more mature expression. Jordan shoes start from the third-generation alternative has been to 6 are Visible Air-sole. And this comfort cushion the limited performance. And seven generations in the end will start to switch to a separate charge after a large volume air unit and forefoot cystic air units, this technology before and after the charge separation process in motion makes obvious sense of the forefoot and the rapid response after the palm damping capacity. Movement can obviously feel the presence of air, is the success of these shoes.
Nike Air Jordan Xii 7 recorded a pair of shoes, NBA onto the international stage as a fulcrum, it carries is too much honor. When the Olympic aura enveloped in these shoes on again when a pair of Air Jordan 7 generations still historic shoes.